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Hillary Clinton insults China; Californian tofu-liberals agree with her

The Los Angeles Times – whom our friend Ivan expects to become a Spanish-language newspaper very soon- has said about Hillary Clinton’s recent bloody disastrous, preternaturally ignorant words to her Chinese hosts: She went too far in saying that human … Continue reading

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China catches up to 17th century Russia

From Radio Free Asia: Authorities in China’s westernmost city of Kashgar are stepping up pressure on government employees to go clean-shaven, and the city’s large ethnic Uyghur population, whose adult males overwhelmingly sport moustaches, aren’t happy about it, residents say. … Continue reading

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George Washington’s Birthday

Ivan toasts George Washington’s birthday, February 22!

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The Vatican: An Unlikely Victim of China’s Anti-pornography Censorship

Today’s reports that China has lately been blocking many Catholic websites.  The report puts forward this question to China’s censorship authorities: “is this how you fight pornography?” As we know, China’s censorship authorities have stepped up the censoring and … Continue reading

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The Obama spell begins to break

Ivan says this is the most intelligent commentary he’s yet seen about Barack Obama.   Ever. Evidently the Anointed One’s spell is beginning to break.

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Technical Problems

This Blog is experiencing some technical problems.  In short, our modem died at around midday yesterday.  I tried every trick in the book as the technologically less savvy members of our family (I’m referring to Ned Kelly and Sam the half … Continue reading

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Du Daozheng to Step Down as Proprietor of Yanhuang Chunqiu

There is a rumour circulating in the Chinese blogosphere, which claims that Du Daozheng 杜导正 will step down as the registered proprietor of the history journal Yanhuang Chunqiu.  Radio Free Asia’s Cantonese Service yesterday interviewed Wu Si 吴思, the Executive … Continue reading

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Abe Lincoln’s Bicentennial

Our American co-blogger Ivan reminds us that February 12 is Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday.    He has sent us this tribute to the “Great Emancipator”.

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Reading Between the Lines on Bird Flu in China

Two days ago, China’s Propaganda Department – through its agency, Xinhua – published the following article about bird flu, which we cite in relevant parts: Zhong, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is one of the scientists who … Continue reading

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Chinese Netizens’ Anti-anti-vulgarity Campaign: Putting Clothes on Renaissance Paintings

Netizens in China are becoming more and more innovative in their ways of protesting against censorship authorities’ arbitrary abuses of power in curtailing freedom of expression.  Their tenacity is best demonstrated in the support they have given to Bullog International … Continue reading

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