Breaking News: Bullog International Returns

Luo Yonghao announced early in the morning on 31 January 2009 the official launch of, the international version of was shut down by Chinese authorities almost a month ago on 9 January.  The blog portal is now hosted in the USA.

According to Luo, some facilities such as the comment function and new blogs registration function are still hampered by the Net Nanny and will not yet be opened to the public.  There are also a few bugs that needs attention before can operate normally again.  Bloggers are warned only to publish their final posts and not to write directly online until the technical problems are resolved.

The Chinese blogosphere is flooded with congratulation messages to Luo Yonghao.  Ned and I would also like to take this opportunity to quote from the famous Tang poet Bai Juyi (772 – 846) to wish Mr Luo and his team good luck:


Lush grass grows, year after year,
Imperishable with the wild fires,
Green again in the spring wind …
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5 Responses to Breaking News: Bullog International Returns

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  3. Kahn says:

    do you know it’s already blocked by the GFW again?

  4. C.A. Yeung says:

    Dear Kahn,

    Thank you very much for your speedy update. I read about it from Beifeng 北风 earlier this morning but I haven’t had a chance to post an update.

    From some of the comments at Beijfeng’s, it seems that people in Japan and Canada are also complaining about not being able to access the site. I am in Australia. But I don’t seem to have problem accessing when I checked this morning and again this afternoon (about 15 minutes ago).

    Let’s hope that it is just a technical problem.

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