Zhang Ziyi’s Ass and Chinese Netizens’ Mouths

Has anyone noticed that the anti-vulgarity campaign actually started with Zhang Ziyi’s ass? We thought we’d seen it all: Zhang Ziyi’s ass in the settings of serious art movies, on the cover of trendy magazines, on the laps of sleazy boy friends … and the list goes on and on … Even Ivan wants to have a tattoo of Zhang Ziyi’s ass on his ass. No one in his wildest dream would foresee Zhang Ziyi’s ass finally being placed as a gag on Chinese netizens’ months. What did you just say about Zhang Ziyi’s new role in the CCP Propaganda Publicity Department?

Chinese blogger Yuci says it all. (There is no need for me to provide a translation.  The gist of it has been covered in my summary above.)



我很失望,甚至于绝望。整治网络低俗之风,自章子怡的屁股开始,从高尚、严肃、公平、爱民的旗帜下几经盘桓、表演、试探、欲擒故纵、装模作样……,终于将板子最终打在以凯迪网络为代表的言论时政和民营商业网站屁股 上。章子怡的屁股,终于拿来堵屁民的嘴巴了。

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