Chimerica: 30 Years of Sino-U.S. Ties

This comes straight from the horse’s mouth, in commemoration of 30 years of Sino-U.S. diplomacy.  It is all you need to know about Chimerica:  what does it mean?  why does it work? How does it shake the world?  May I present to you this ground-breaking CNN SNN production: Chimerica …

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2 Responses to Chimerica: 30 Years of Sino-U.S. Ties

  1. Ned Kelly says:


    Now I just wonder whether the American “racial” chimera of President Obama will ever REALLY be acceptable to the bloody racist Chinese?

    And regardless of how all Chinese Communist Party robots have been trained to say, “China is not racist”, I’ll bet my entire fortune that there will be NO non-Han President of China for the next thousand years.

    And so, today when America is inaugurating its first African-American President, I just want the Chinese to SHUT UP about their feeble criticisms of America’s “racism”. As far as “racism” goes, America is a thousand years more advanced than the Chinese Communist Party.

  2. C.A. Yeung says:


    I’m not too sure if I agree with your “no non-Han President of China for the next thousand years” comment. Madam Fu Ying is one of the highest ranking diplomat of the PRC, and she is a Mongolian. The way she pulled her weight during the Olympics and the way she lectured western media about how to make an effort to earn China’s respect make one wonders whether her next posting will be to Zhongnanhai.

    If Madam Fu has it her way, China will have its first female and non-Han head of state. That’s one up on the USA. What do you reckon?

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