Zeng Jinyan’s Visit to Hu Jia Obstructed

Zeng Jinyan expressed disappointment in her latest blog post that she was once again forbidden to see Hu Jia, even though her mother-in-law was finally allowed to meet with her son last Thursday.  This is the second month in a row that her request for a visit was refused.  Ms Zeng did not mention in her blog post whether the authorities had given her a reason for the refusal.  However, it is generally believed that her visiting right has been denied as a reprisal against Zeng Jinyan’s video broadcast at the Sakharov Price presentation ceremony.

Radio Free Asia attempted without success to contact Zeng Jinyan and Hu Jia’s mother for an interview.  However, the report quoted another source close to the Hu Family, which confirmed that the prison authority had done nothing about changing Hu Jia’s medication.  The results of the latest medical examinations recommend a change of medication, on the ground that Hu Jia’s body has developed resistance to the medicine that he is currently using.  Hu Jia suffers from liver cirrhosis linked to chronic hepatitis B infection.

Zeng Jinyan will take her daughter to Fujian to spend Chinese New Year with her parents.  She will also keep her mobile phone switched on in anticipation of a phone call or a SMS message from Hu Jia in prison.  Ned and I would like to extend our holiday greetings to Hu Jia and Zeng Jinyan.  We will remember them in our prayers.

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