Bullog is Harmonised? 牛博给河蟹了

I have been trying to log on to Bullog for the whole day without much success.  At first I thought it was just a technical glitch.  Thanks to a tip from Austin Ramzy at the Time China Blog, I now realise that the PRC Net Nanny may have finally moved in and shut down the entire site. When I started googling about it, I realised that the news was already all over the Chinese language blogosphere. I understand from some of the Chinese bloggers at Douban 豆瓣, another popular portal, that Bullog’s owner Luo Yonghao remains calm about the situation.

Luo is obviously not inexperienced in dealing with this kind of trauma inflicted by China’s notorious censorship regime, as we can see from the following summary of major events since the inauguration of the site:

31 July 2006 Bullog officially inaugurated

8 August 2007 Bullog launched a blog called “I don’t support the Beijing Olympics”

18 August 2007 The blog “I don’t support the Beijing Olympics” was banned

19 October 2007 (During the 17th CCP National Congress) Bullog was forcibly shutdown

19 April 2008 Bullog’s traffic exceeded 1 million hits for the first time

In May 2008 Bullog managed to gather more than 1 million Yuan donations for the Sichuan earthquake victims. Luo Yonghao personally delivered the money to the affected areas

14 June 2008 A popular blog Shengren Benzun (The Honourable Saint 圣人本尊) was shutdown

24 November 2008 Famous blogger Qian Liexian’s blog (钱列宪博客) was shutdown

17 December 2008 Nine Bullog bloggers were forbidden from accessing their blogs

24 December 2008 Bullog lost two of its most popular bloggers: Ran Yunfei 冉云飞 and Baozuitun 饱醉豚. For more details please check HERE

Today (9 January 2009) afternoon, Bullog’s domestic server has been shut down. International access has also been denied.

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4 Responses to Bullog is Harmonised? 牛博给河蟹了

  1. C.A. Yeung says:

    As of about one hour ago, all comments related to the shutdown of Bullog at Window Live cn are no longer accessible.

  2. MyLaowai says:

    Hands up if you would prefer me to act surprised, as opposed to saying “told you so”.

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