Long Jail Sentence for Another China Democracy Party Member

Wang Rongqing 王荣清, a member of the banned China Democracy Party 中国民主党 (CDP), has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment on charges of subversion of state power.  Wang was arrested in Hangzhou around June last year, in what was widely believed to be CCP’s well planned manoeuvre to use the Beijing Olympics as an excuse to eliminate well-known dissident groups.

The Hangzhou court found Wang guilty of leading the Hangzhou branch of the CDP since 1998, of publishing articles on overseas website attacking the Government, and of attempting to organise the first plenary meeting of the CDP prior to the Beijing Olympics.

According to the organisation China Human Rights Defender (CHRD), Wang has been detained on three other occasions in the past, but this is the first time he is formally charged and convicted.   In 2004, he was detained for two weeks after he submitted a Draft Law on Chinese Political Parties to the Chinese government.  In 2005, he was detained for six months for organising the China Democracy Party Zhejiang Branch.  In August 2006, he was detained for a month for criticising the Zhejiang Province for suppressing religious groups.

It is understood that Wang, 65 years of age, is not in good health.


Reuters (English)

Radio Free Asia (Chinese)

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