To JustRecently: About the “2009 Go China” Video

This is a continuation of a discussion that I have been having with our friend JR at JustRecently’s Beautiful Blog.  I at first intended to post this as a comment at JR’s blog.  Unfortunately it contains too many links and has been causing some technical problems.  So I am posting it here instead.  I would like to advise our readers to read the original blog post at JR’s first before reading my comment below.  I would also like to invite you to leave your comment about this video at JR’s blog.  To that end, I have decided to close comments for this blog post.

To JR:

I understand your argument.  But I also want you to know that I did not invent the possible scenario about the video being a spoof.  This is the link to the Chinese BBS thread that I consulted last night before I left my comment at your blog.  I have no intention of translating any portion of that BBS thread because I only translate articles from an authenticated and worthwhile source.  I know your Chinese is good enough to read most of them.  But if you have problems with some of the Internet slang, send me an email and I’ll be happy to give you a hand.

There have been more developments about the video since I last wrote to you:

After TPD accused anti-CNN of orchestrating this “2009 Go China” saga, the people at anti-CNN claimed to have joined hands with the Human Flesh Search Engines and apparently hunted down the author of the poem.  The poem’s putative author is now accusing the so-called pan-democratic right-wingers at the blog portal “club2.cat898” of wrongly publicising the video as some kind of subversive anti-government propaganda.  She then declared her patriotic intention in filming the video.  She also condemned the netizens concerned for politicising a totally innocent school event for their own purpose.

Here are some relevant links if you are interested in exploring further:

1. The link to the anti-CNN BBS thread in response to TPD’s accusation.

2. The school website that contains a New Year celebration gala event program, which features the performance of this poem.

3. A blogger at Bullog pointing out the presumably subversive messages in the poem.

4. The author of the poem’s self-defence against the accusations of subversion.

5. The author of the poem’s public announcement (and confession) of her position in this matter.

In my humble opinion, this whole thing sounds very much like a re-enactment of the Cultural Revolution.  The truth is: we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  To add more flavour to the pot, I want to point out that the school concerned is a Senior High School.  In other words, the students in that school are older than those in the video.  If you search the school’s website, you will not be able to find the name of the poem’s author among the names of the teaching staff.  Meanwhile, there is suddenly a blog post at Bullog calling for the criticism of Lian Yue 连岳 and his recent article on education reform.  Lian Yue is considered one of the most popular and influential bloggers in the Chinese language blogosphere.  His article on education reform is listed as the most popular blog post at Bullog.  When I logged on a minute ago, the article had been read 52778 times.  There were 260 comments, some very well written.  There were also a total of 420 recommendations.

My question is:   What is TPD doing in the midst of this second coming of a Cyber-Cultural-Revolution?

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