Update: Ai Xiaoming was not arrested

Chinese Human Rights Defender (CHRD) has published a map that details all known Charter 08-related detentions.  I was able to access the full report and the map this morning.  But apparently the CHRD site has been hacked;  I am not able to access it or link to it.  Thanks to Sophie Beach at China Digital Times, we are still able to view the map.

I quoted earlier an AsiaNews report about the alleged arrest of Professor Ai Xiaoming, one of the signatory of the Charter 08.  Our friend at China DTR now confirms that Professor Ai Xiaoming is safe and remains outside the grasp of State Security.  However, it is understood that political pressure in Guangzhou is mounting:

Further inquiry into the alleged arrest of Professor Ai Xiaoming has brought to light that the South China Morning Post and AsiaNews, the news wire service that also carried the story, had their facts wrong.  Professor Ai was not arrested, but two of the other men who signed Charter 08 were and it does not exactly mean that she is quite in the clear with regards to signing Charter 08.  I certainly hope she remains outside the grasp of the government.

In fact, greater political pressure or 政府的压力 (zhengfu de yali) seems to be the phrase of the moment.

A weekly gathering of various intellectuals, dissidents, and other folk in a dark, smoky bar down an alley somewhere here in GZ was cancelled indefinitely this week due to “political pressure.”  This salon was something that I had attended a few times this past semester.  Various guest speakers including reporters, professors, political dissidents, lawyers, and bloggers passed through and shared their thoughts on the possibilities for political and economic reform in China.  However, the police decided such talk was inappropriate at this point in time and forced the organizer to disband the weekly meetings.

The CHRD report did not mention Zeng Jinyan.  As I reported earlier, she was interrogated yesterday by State Security in Beijing about Charter 08.

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