More arrests over 08 Charter

aixiaomingSources from the Roman Catholic Church confirmed that Shanghai lawyer Zheng Enchong 郑恩宠 and Guangzhou university professor Ai Xiaoming 艾晓明 had been detained by the Chinese authorities in charge of public security.  The AsiaNews report says:

Arrests continue for signers of “Charter 08,” the document calling upon the government for greater democracy and respect for human rights, including religious freedom. Since yesterday, Zheng Enchong, a lawyer from Shanghai known for his help for citizens against abusive expropriation by the authorities, has been under house arrest.

One of his relatives tells the newspaper South China Morning Post that on December 10, Zheng was summoned by the police, interrogated for more than four hours, and then sent home, where he will not be permitted to go out or use the telephone.

Also on the night of the 10th, the police in Guangzhou searched the home of Professor Ai Xiaoming (in the photo) and took her away. Xiaoming teaches Chinese studies at Sun Yat-sen University, and makes documentaries about the plight of the poor and disadvantaged groups.

Other signers who have been questioned over their role in the drafting and disseminating of the Charter include Independent Chinese Pen members Wen Kejian 温克坚, Zhao Dagong 赵达功, Jiang Qisheng 江棋生, Qin Geng 秦耕 and Liu Yiming 刘逸明. Others who have been interrogated by the police are: civil rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang 浦志强, writer Gao Yu 高瑜, spokesperson for June Fourth victims’ family Zhang Xianling 张先玲 and Internet writer Liu Di 刘荻.  Yu Jie 余杰, who was visiting the USA on the day of Liu Xiaobo’s arrest, told Radio Free Asia that the police barricaded his house.

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