China blogger links AIDS with homosexuality, re “Tongzhi in Love”

Is HIV/AIDS a “homosexual” disease? Scientifically, no, it’s not.

And one would expect homosexuals and all who sympathise with the injustices they suffer, to try to make it clear to others that there is no connection between HIV/AIDS and homosexuality.

But THIS blogger implies otherwise, and God only knows why he wants to promote the myth of equating HIV/AIDS with homosexuality.

He wrote – and I preserve this against the possibility of his deleting it later:

I wrote a long time ago about the difficulties gays face in China (I know, a lot has changed since I wrote that in 2002) as well as the unacknowledged crisis of AIDS in China (another topic this filmmaker has focused on).

…but what the hell does AIDS/HIV have to do with gays?   It’s not a homosexual disease, and shame on that man for implying otherwise.

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