Grimmy on Human Rights and the Olympics

Ned and I are the proud human companions of a 18-month old adolescent canine.  When it comes to our dog Sammy, Ned and I avoid the word “ownership”, since it is not yet clear who owns whom.  In many ways, Sammy takes after our dear friend Ivan, who, as many of you may have recalled, is highly intelligent in a slightly unorthodox way.  As you can imagine, Sammy’s playfulness and his eccentricity have been our constant source of amusement and joy, as well as exasperation.  I have to admit that Ned copes much better than I do.  Every time when I lose my cool, Ned will ask me to go and visit the “Mother Goose and Grimm Comics Page“.  He says that the cartoonist Mike Peters really knows his canines and felines well.  He will help me see the humorous side of living with pets.

Grimmy, Ralph and their friends have an opinion on almost everything – from blind dating, table manner and toilet routine to religion, popular culture and political correctness.  These are what Grimmy says about the Beijing Olympics:

Grimmy on Olympics

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