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IOC training video

From The Australian: AUSTRALIA’S Kevan Gosper, the head of the IOC’s press commission, admitted today the IOC knew China would block some internet sites during the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) had earlier denied knowing in advance of China’s … Continue reading

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A curse on the creators of famine

A worldwide famine has begun. I curse all those responsible for it.

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Enlightening Jones’ “China Discourse”

Now I’ve taken a look at one of Mark Anthony Jones’ essays on his new “China Discourse” site, titled, “Chinese Governance and Society”. I won’t parse and fisk the entire article line by line. I do agree with many of … Continue reading

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“Zhang Ziyi” + “whore” = blog traffic

We find it amusing that almost every day, our blog receives a number of visits from google searches of the terms “Zhang Ziyi” + “whore”, and/or “Zhang Ziyi” + “slut”. I guess that means she’s not totally useless after all.

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Dis Course and Dat Course

Our friend Mark Anthony Jones has invited us to peruse his new site, “China Discourse”, and to share our first impressions. Here are mine, while Catherine will chime in later: So far I’ve only read the introductory page, and my … Continue reading

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Atlas Shrugs, Wins Darwin Award

From USA TODAY: (General Motors Chief Executive Rick Wagoner said)…GM never could have predicted how quickly the change would come as oil prices doubled in the last year. “We missed that, but I think us and 99.999% of the rest … Continue reading

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