Jin Jing, Batman, Zhang Ziyi and the Three Stooges

Food for thought from Tom Legg:

No one could have possibly dreamed up a story line about attacking a lady in a wheelchair to tug at the audience’s heart strings. That would be unpossible, right?

Go take a look at the video Tom links to in that post, of a woman being thrown out of a wheelchair in a fake “professional wrestling” stunt.

That got us thinking about other kinds of staged acts of apparent violence.   It should get the rest of you thinking too.   Beijing’s Western PR whores have been asking you to believe what your eyes tell you about the apparent “attack” on Jin Jing.   They have asked you, rhetorically, “how could it have been staged?   Don’t you believe your own eyes?   Isn’t it obvious?”

Well actually, no, it’s not obvious.   No more obvious than the staged stunts in Batman, or Zhang Ziyi’s ability to fly, or any stunts performed by the Three Stooges.   Did you know that the sounds of violence in all the Three Stooges movies were artificially produced, on machines?   That’s called “special effects”.   Please – Roland, Richard and Dave – please teach your children the difference between special effects and reality.   The real Three Stooges understood the difference, and expected their audiences to do so as well, unlike those PR machines who have nothing but contempt for their audiences.

Dramatis personae:

Moe, the alpha stooge = Roland Soong

Larry, the mumbling fair and balanced stooge = Richard Panda

Curly = could only be the incoherent, petulant, prolix Dave

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2 Responses to Jin Jing, Batman, Zhang Ziyi and the Three Stooges

  1. Adriana says:

    Let’s hear a round of applause for Curly, Larry, and Moe, who knew how to inflict mayhem in the screen without mishaps on the set, and whose comedy, even as it wildest was not mean (both against current trends in Hollywood).

    Also, they gave us permanent metaphors for inept public figures everywhere.

    Three Cheers for those geniuses, Howard, Fine, and Howard (both of them).

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Adriana, I prefer the Marx Brothers and wouldn’t quite call the Stooges geniuses, but it does seem that in real life they were actually nice guys, especially Moe (Morris).

    I wonder how many American antisemites who have enjoyed the Stooges ever knew that they were all Jews?

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