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Postmodern post disappears!

Yesterday Catherine and I posted a very postmodern post here. For the sake of postmodern thoroughness, we have decided to make it disappear.   We have however saved a copy on our hard drives and will be happy to give one … Continue reading

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The sacred torch, the cross and the earthquake

First, Catherine and I want to make it clear that we are not gloating over the suffering caused by the earthquake in China.   We will ask our local Catholic Priest to offer a special prayer for the earthquake victims at … Continue reading

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Ping pong, panda and China’s not so harmonious diplomatic symphony

I can understand why John Pomfret,  a senior China correspondent from the Washington Post, would strive desperately  to convince his readers that China’s international reputation has remained largely unscathed despite the recent ugly displays of racial nationalism in China and … Continue reading

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Stalinist style “disappearances” begin in Hong Kong

More thanks today to Tom Legg in Hong Kong for alerting us to yet another escalation in Beijing’s worldwide campaign of terror beyond the PRC’s borders: The Hong Kong Journalists Association was scheduled to hold a press discussion on freedom of … Continue reading

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Amnesty International ad on “Torch-ure”

Thanks to Tom Legg for finding this.  We are unable to embed the cartoon.  But you can visit Tom’s blog and watch it there.   And please spread it around. More from Amnesty’s own site, about the inspiration behind the cartoon: … Continue reading

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