Lenovo exploits a racist smear. Whose yak is gored?

Does anyone out there remember the infamous Willie Horton tv ad of George Bush’s 1988 Presidential campaign?    Here it is again, to refresh your memory.    It’s only 28 seconds.

Now you might recall that rightly or wrongly, the American Left widely perceived the Willie Horton ad to have been a racist smear upon Black Americans, because Willie Horton was, after all, Black.

So now I wonder where are all those same self-described “liberal”, “multicultural”, “anti-racist” American voices now that the propaganda campaign surrounding Olympic Torch-bearer Jin Jing has relied just as cynically upon racial stereotyping as did the Bush campaign’s Willie Horton ad.    Or has anyone even noticed?   The grimacing face of her putative Tibetan “attacker” – whose name and nationality conveniently remain unidentified – has been published all over China, playing upon Han Chinese racial fears of Tibetans.

What, pray tell, is the difference between the employment of racial stereotyping in the Willie Horton ads versus the PR campaign portraying Jin Jing “attacked” by someone who merely appeared to be Tibetan?   At least Willie Horton really was Black, and really was a criminal.   But we still don’t know who the name or nationality of man in the Jin Jing photo.   Only that he appeared to be Tibetan, a fact which Beijing and its PR whores have played up to the hilt.

Now here comes Lenovo corporation – the torch designers – shamelessly escalating the Jin Jing propaganda campaign:

Seizing the moment, Lenovo’s chief marketing officer spent the week in Beijing laying out plans for final execution of Lenovo’s sponsorship activities from now through the end of the Games in late August. Near the top of Deepak Advani’s list: raising the visibility of Jin’s connection to the Lenovo brand.

Meanwhile the fact remains that the Jin Jing “brand” was created through employment of racial stereotyping and playing upon racial fears.    How many American “liberals” have noticed?   How many give a damn?   Evidently among the American Left, outrage over racism depends on whose yak is gored.


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