Finally, the Torch goes where it’s perfectly welcome

They would have saved themselves and the world a lot of trouble if they had limited the entire international Olympic Torch relay to China’s number one ally, North Korea.   It will arrive there in a few days, to an unreservedly fanatical welcome, the kind that the torch’s American public relations firm of Ketchum must be creaming their jeans over.

As the spirit of the Torch is closer kindred of the spirit of North Korea than of any other nation, we urge the US State Department to revoke the passports of all US citizens who work for Ketchum in Beijing, to enable them more easily to immigrate to North Korea where their kind of work is most welcome.

Here’s a North Korean movie clip exemplary of the same “spirit” which has animated the PRC’s “sacred” torch relay throughout the world.   At last, it’s soon to arrive in a country where it is perfectly welcome, where its visit will be 100 percent untainted by any public relations problems.    Ketchum must be thanking God for this anticipated day of relief – or thanking God’s replacement, Kim Jong Il.

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3 Responses to Finally, the Torch goes where it’s perfectly welcome

  1. Ned, dial back the pointed attacks. In the grand scheme of things, there are folks who are given more credence by the mainstream corporate media that are more overtly worthy of being targeted.

    *cough*MacKinnon and Soong*cough*

    ‘Twould be especially useful to search the Chinese blogs and BBSs and expose the dark underbelly without aiding and abetting the villagers with pitchforks and torches. Also expose the fact that it isn’t as monochrome tribalist as Roland presents.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    “Also expose the fact that it isn’t as monochrome tribalist as Roland presents.”

    The fact that most of the anti-torch protesters in Japan and Korea have been Japanese and Koreans – all racially indistinguishable from Chinese – kind of dampens the hack-PC meme that the protests are really motivated by White racism and fear of “Yellow Peril”, doesn’t it.

  3. But even within China, the CCP is doing its best to orchestrate the meme that everyone should and is rallying behind the CCP on Tibet. While the truth is far more nuanced than the “anointed experts on the Chinese internet environment” would have outsiders believe.

    Outsiders being defined as lazy ass reporters and “citizen reporters” who want to cover a beat without doing any heavy lifting like learning a language or even using an online translating service, and as such are quite willing to be led around by their noses like emptyheaded cattle by any convenient charlatan.

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