The Flying Dutchman is now a Western expat in Beijing

The Flying Dutchman’s hubris doomed him to wander the Earth, homeless, a man without a country, for eternity.

Today you can see many of his shadows in Beijing, most especially in the faces of some Westerners who sold their souls to work as “public relations” whores for China’s propaganda machine in this year of the Olympic Torch of Shame.

The fierce winds, gigantic waves and terrible lightening threatened to sink the Flying Dutchman, but the twisted and fearless captain had a threat of his own. There and then, Vanderdecken swore an oath to the Devil that he would round the Cape even if it took him until Doomsday (the day that the world will come to an end). This foolish act brought a terrible curse down upon the captain, his crew and his ship. From that moment forth they were forced to roam the mighty seas for all eternity as a ghost ship.

Such will be the long term fate of any Foreigners who, today, try to hustle the East as PR agents for an alien power which regards them and their kind as less than fungible.

Lenovo and Ketchum in Beijing, yes I’m looking at you.


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