Further evidence the Jin Jing “attack” was staged

It was obvious to me that Jin Jing’s putative “attacker” was posing for the camera in a staged performance, but until now I had not noticed what this incisive observer has noticed:

…look again. Something is missing from all the photos. Where are the police during the attack on Jin?  …The goon squad is missing! Probably millions of people have seen these photos and nobody picked up what you did.

The Chinese police were sticking like glue to the torch carriers. Look even at the long shots. Not one of the blue-and-white jogging suits is around before, during, or after the attack.


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3 Responses to Further evidence the Jin Jing “attack” was staged

  1. And what’s up with this American who got attacked outside of Carrefour?

    How did he get in their in the first place with that crowd? Why did he leave through the crowd if he came in an entrance that wasn’t blocked? And why is he contradicting a friend of his who saw blood on him? The US State Dept sure seems to be willing to help paint a picture of “nothing wrong happened here!”

    And here is more of “bad China”!

    It’s time for “Shark awareness week”!


  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Also, notice how the man who allegedly “attacked” Jin Jing has STILL not yet been identified through a simple enquiry to the Paris Police, who arrested him.

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