Canberra Torch Relay: 50 Chinese Terrorise Little Girl

Loathsome bloody cowards.

One woman called Marie said she was mobbed by screaming Chinese students as she tried to watch the relay go past. She had to be rescued and escorted away by police….

Alistair Paterson, 52, from Lake George outside Canberra, said he was standing with his seven-year-old daughter on Limestone Avenue with an older couple, their teenage son and two other young women when they were attacked by a group of about 50 people draped in Chinese flags….

…”I got a flying kick in the leg, another bloke was hit in the head with a stick with a Chinese flag attached to it and our banners were torn down,” Mr Paterson said….

…”This gang of thugs rolled right through us and we had kids with us. My daughter was still shaking an hour later and is very quiet even now.

Will Roland Soong or Richard of The Peking Duck – or Xinhua – call this a “PR victory” for pro-Tibetan protesters?   Will they call this terrorised seven year old girl the “Australian Jin Jing”?

Pigs will fly first.   And I don’t expect to see Dan Harris of CLB flying by my window anytime soon.

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4 Responses to Canberra Torch Relay: 50 Chinese Terrorise Little Girl

  1. Is the Aussie press saying alot about this? A little girl seems to be all that any single fen qing can take on without 30 others to back them up and be outside of China to boot.

    And here is more of “bad China”!

    It’s time for “Shark awareness week”!

  2. Why is it that only Carrefour received protests when there are so many other French companies like Bausch & Lomb, Areva, Total, Renault and Suez?
    Because those companies are associated with high technology, advanced manufacturing and modern management methods and so are necessary for China’s development. So they stay protected, Carrefour is just a department store.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    Nanhe, in several Australian newspapers there have been reports of at least several incidents of Chinese gangs beating up Australian women and terrorising their children.

    At least one Australian woman was punched in the stomach. If she had been pregnant, it would have been murder. Oh but wait, I forgot, neither Beijing nor their Western “public relations” consultants believe fetuses are human beings. Hell, they’re not even sure whether babies are human beings – forced infanticide and all that.

  4. And you missed the pro-CCP mob in Kuala Lumpur attacking the Japanese family that dared to open a Tibetan flag.

    Beat, smash, loot is fine as long as the pro-CCP side is the one doing the beating, smashing and looting.

    The lesson learned by the current CCP leadership from the Cultural Revolution isn’t that struggle sessions are bad or that beating or that smashing and looting is bad.

    It’s that you need to confine the targets now to groups that are small enough and weak enough, so that the victims cannot organise a credible resistance or response to the violence.

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