How do you know she’s a witch? “She looks like one!”

There is mounting evidence that the Tibetan-American who lives in Utah, who has become a target of cyber-lynching due to rash accusations of having been the man who assaulted the crippled torch-bearer Jin Jing in Paris, is a victim of mistaken identity.   Evidently he was not even in Paris when the incident happened.

There is also new evidence, discovered by Oiwan Lam at Global Voices Online, indicating that the attacker may in fact have been an ethnic Chinese who was paid to play the role as part of an orchestrated performance, and that Jin Jing was aware of the plot.   This relevant article is in Chinese, but my co-blogger Catherine might translate it into English later.

And here is another question about the now infamous photo of the apparent attempt to seize the torch:   Why is the “attacker” taking so much time to grab the torch?    Anyone (such as I) who has had ample experience living among, and being targeted by street-thieves – wallet snatchers, camera snatchers, etc – knows that for practical reasons, they move very quickly.    Usually like lightning.    If someone intends to snatch an item and run away with it, he moves as fast as possible, without bothering to pause to grimace.   This photo looks like it was staged, and the histrionic grimace is one of the tip-offs, as well as the fact that he moved slowly enough for this photo to be taken.   

As for the witch-hunt which has rashly accused a Tibetan-American of being the assailant, in the famous words of Monty Python, “How do you know she’s a witch?”   “She looks like one!”

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