Foreign Stormtroopers Invade London

Chinese police presence in London


How welcome do you think a pack of Nazi Stormtroopers (SA, aka “Brownshirts”) would have been in London in, say the summer of 1939, a few months after Kristallnacht, when all the world knew of Germany’s escalating purges, disenfranchisement and mass murders of Jews and other political and ethnic minorities?

Not very welcome, one would imagine. So can someone please explain why Gordon Brown and the London Police have kow-towed to these alien thugs in blue costumes, the Police force of a non-allied foreign nation?

I’ll have more to say about those Chinese stormtroopers and their parallels with the Nazi Sturmabteilung in the coming weeks. Let’s see if the French have the cojones to give them a harder time than the craven, sniveling, simpering, slavish British government has done.


 From The Guardian:


The Metropolitan police and the Chinese embassy have declined to discuss who employs the attendants or their diplomatic status, but the Metropolitan police commander Bob Broadhurst stressed before the event that they have no executive power while in the UK.


In other words, they were exercising physical force IN UNIFORM AND UNDER IMPLIED COLOUR OF THE AUTHORITY OF THE PRC, outside the rule of law of the United Kingdom. When you cut through the Orwellian doublespeak, this means they, and China, were conducting an act of war, however small, against the United Kingdom – an act of war to which the British government has surrendered.


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6 Responses to Foreign Stormtroopers Invade London

  1. FOARP says:

    Glad you liked our little demo in London, funily enough it was within spitting distance of Cable Street, scene of a very similar event back in 1936, when Oswald Mosley’s Black Shirts attempted to march along the street and were turned back by what the US Army would call ‘concerned local citizens’ – so I was sure we were following a fine tradition.

  2. wmigda says:

    Well said Ned. Fortunately (for themselves) the red-faced chinese cowards in blue shirts are not coming to Poland where for sure they would feel our tough fists against their noses.

  3. Ned Kelly says:


    That would be a welcome sight. Polish valour is splendid.

  4. HKSojourner says:

    Interestingly, Ned, Chiang Kai-shek, established his Chinese “Blueshirt” paramilitary organisation in direct emulation of Hitler and Mussolini’s thugs.

    It seems the PRC have returned to this time-honoured, quasi-fascist tradition.

  5. Ned Kelly says:


    The connection between this Torch and Hitler is not just symbolic. The torch was designed by, belongs to, and is a (now disastrous) “public relations” tool for the Lenovo corporation, which is the successor of IBM. IBM, as you might know, provided the information technology that made the Holocaust possible, and they did so while knowing exactly what their tools were being used for, genocide.

    Don’t expect IBM/Lenovo or their Western “public relations” consultants in Beijing to acknowledge any personal responsibility for this mess. Have you noticed how they’re laying low right now?

  6. C.A. Yeung says:


    Thanks for reminding me about the KMT “Blueshirt”. Now I realised why I shunted when I saw the photo of those men in blue and their regimental ways of guarding the Torch.

    It’d be interesting to see if the CCP apologists will follow the footsteps of their KMT counterparts and defend these “Blueshirt Squads” as nothing more than an expression of “developmental nationalism”.

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