China’s Flaming Bag of Poo on Britain’s Doorstep

Flaming bag of pooThe Torch will visit London today.   At least among the civilians, its arrival will not be especially welcome.

An American friend of ours once told us about a bizarre American custom of filling a paper bag with poop, setting it on fire and dropping it on a disliked neighbour’s doorstep.  Apparently it’s something they do on Halloween.

Doesn’t that sound like the Olympic Torch relay through all the countries China doesn’t like?  (China doesn’t have the slightest respect for any countries other than itself, but that’s beside the point.)

So here’s your cartoon-of-the-day, “Flaming Bag of Poo“:  Londoners, get out your fire extinguishers!



Two activists were taken away by police after attempting to put out the torch with fire extinguishers.  Martin Wyness and Ashley Darby were waiting with their equipment on the corner of Holland Park Avenue and Ladbroke Grove.  In a statement, the pair said the relay was a propaganda campaign by China to cover its “appalling human rights record”.



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5 Responses to China’s Flaming Bag of Poo on Britain’s Doorstep

  1. 1. Toss the flaming bag of poo at the torch procession.

    2. When the procession stops, shower it with fire extinguishers.

    3. Melee ensues, grab the torch and smash it.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    4. Shove the torch up the bunghole of a Lenovo corporation representative. Unless he might enjoy it too much.

  3. C.A. Yeung says:

    One of the CCP men behind China’s oppressive policy towards the Tibetans and the Uighurs has opened his venomous mouth again.

    In his usual arrogant way, Zhang Qingli proclaimed that Beijing was in no mood to listen to the demands of demonstrators calling for the route to be changed. He insisted that Tibet was determined to play its part in a successful Olympics by hosting the torch relay on June 19 and 20 and overseeing the flame’s ascent of Mount Everest in May.

    Like Hu Jintao, Zhang Qingli climbs the CCP hierarchy relying on his membership in the CCP Youth League, the CCP version of the Hitler Youth. This is a blogpost devoted to exposing the twisted men who design China’s policies in Tibet and beyond.

    With his relatively young age (born in 1951) and good connections in the CCP Youth League, Zhang Qingli is well positioned to follow the steps of his mentor Hu Jintao to become China’s next generation political leader – well, that is if no one is taking him to the Hague and put him on trial for violation of human rights in Tibet and Xinjiang.

  4. Teresa says:

    I do hope that Xinhua will one day start telling the truth (and will stop trying to save face all the time).

    I can understand why Xinhua doesn’t want to write about the scuffles during the London relay. So I don’t mind if it keeps quiet about the whole thing. But no, China’s propaganda machine is not to be silenced. Here is the headline of the latest Xinhua report about the London Torch Relay: “London’s Notting Hill Gate greets Olympic torch with mini carnival”. This is just a flaming hillarious way of describing what really happens.

  5. C.A. Yeung says:

    Thanks Teresa, nice find. It shows the guys and girls at Xinhua do have a sense of humour. What kind of carnival can it be without a fire extinguisher. 😉

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