Donald Duck Wakes Up In Beijing

For a long time I’ve refrained – just barely – from drawing any direct, unreserved comparisons between Nazi Germany and today’s China.

But now with the arrests and imprisonments of Hu Jia and his friend Teng Biao, the time is ripe to change that policy.

So it’s cartoon time again.  I dedicate this one simply to the People’s Republic of China, who in this Olympic year have demonstrated that theirs is a sick country, devoid of any rule of law, intoxicated unto collective psychosis with official lies about history, and now courting the same kind of hubris which ultimately left Nazi Germany a heap of burning rubbish.

And after all, as the Chinese Communist Party is not socialist at all, but pathologically nationalist, its spiritual father is Adolf Hiter.  The smokestacks and polluted skies in this clip are in fact more typical of today’s China than Germany ever was; so are the physical exercises Donald Duck is forced to do.  And these lyrics,


We bring the world new order!    Everyone of foreign race, will love the master race, when we bring to the world, ‘dis order! 


describe the stream of consciousness not only of the majority of Chinese Communist Party members, but perhaps even more so of their besotted Western admirers who have an intellectual-wanker’s crush on the appearance of Chinese power.  Not that China is as powerful as it appears to them, but lust is blind.

 To the PRC in 2008, this one’s for you:


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2 Responses to Donald Duck Wakes Up In Beijing

  1. Adriana says:

    The cartoon needs updating. At the end, Donald Duck is given the pink slip and his factory moves to China, and he is told that it is his fault because he is not as productive as the overworked “master race” drudge of Naziland.

    The shame that our foreign policy is in the hands of those whose only objection to communism is that they are not making money of it.

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    The Americans aren’t just outsourcing labour to China; they’re also outsourcing the kind of environmental pollution which is illegal in America. American libertarians cream their jeans over China because it has no rule of law except for the law of the jungle.

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