Olympic Whores, Part Two: Zhang Ziyi Partners With Fox News Pimp’s Wife

Caligula appointing a horse as a senator


In the comments section of yesterday’s post on Zhang Ziyi’s new career as a Beijing “journalist”, our friend Adriana “spoke truer than she purposed”, as Shakespeare would say:


Ah, the lady would seem to have a bright future in Fox News, in their “sluts R’ us” news division.


Well, dear, wise Adriana, you really were onto something.  A quick google search on Zhang Ziyi + Fox News owner/media-slumlord Rupert Murdoch, swiftly revealed that Ms Zhang, the Olympic Whore, has recently begun to collaborate with the Murdoch empire:


Wendi Deng, wife of the media mogul Rupert Murdoch, told American Vogue magazine for its latest issue that she had teamed up with friends Zhang Ziyi and Florence Sloan to run a new film studio.


“Sluts-R-Us”, indeed.

I’ve begun to wonder if the members of China’s Central Propaganda Department and China’s Olympic Committee in Beijing – and their Western “public relations” consultants in Beijing – might all be multiple reincarnations of the psychotic, self-besotted Roman Emperor Caligula, whose sense of showmanship and “public relations” was almost identical to theirs in his, and their, absolute contempt for all audiences beyond the hubristic, narcissistic voices in their own heads:

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