The Iron Curtain Envelops Nepal

Nepal's Maoists show who's the bossFrom Reliefweb:


Earlier this week, the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) singled out the Maoists for increasing violence against other parties in the run-up to the elections.  The head of UNMIN, Ian Martin told UN Radio that there has been a great deal of obstruction by the Maoists of the campaigns of other political parties:


“The Maoists themselves have suffered more killings of their cadres, but they have engaged in a pattern of preventing other parties from campaigning in what they regard as their base areas.  They have great difficulty in accepting that royalist parties also have a right to campaign and that’s lead to far too many instances of violence.”

Border between Nepal and Tibet

And from the Times of India:


KATHMANDU: At least 300 Tibetans were rounded up on Monday as hundreds of Tibetan refugees staged demonstrations against China in the Nepalese capital at two different places including one near the United Nations office….CPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda has extended support to Chinese government’s suppression of the Tibetans saying that it is China’s duty to control separatist violence.


“We cannot term the Chinese government’s step to check violence unleashed by the separatists in Tibet as ‘crackdown,'”  he said.


Ah, I see.  In accord with China’s Propaganda Department, Nepal’s Maoist party chairman has adopted the Orwellian Newspeak redefinition of a crackdown as, well “not a crackdown.”

If it’s not a “crackdown”, then what the hell is it? There’s nothing categorically objectionable to crackdowns on crimes such as child pornography or gun running.  So, for what purposes are China and Nepal’s Maoists ratcheting up the Orwellian Newspeak and contorting a simple word beyond any recognizable meaning, precisely during this potentially explosive election season in Nepal?

Add to this strange concoction the reported presence of Chinese troops in Nepal,  inflammed by the provocatory presence of the Olympic Torch on Mount Everest, and you have all the necessary ingredients for an explosive situation in Nepal on or around election day on April 10.

The Stalinist method of turning Eastern European governments into Soviet satellite states in the late 1940s followed a very similar pattern of collusion between the Kremlin and the several Communist parties of those states, who very agreeably (to the Kremlin) requested the assistance of their Russian Big Brother to maintain or to reestablish order. China’s Southern Iron Curtain is expanding to embrace Nepal. Myanmar is already a de facto satellite of China.  Are Thailand and Viet Nam next on the list of neighbouring states for China to destabilize and then reduce to satellite status?


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