Some Prisoners’ “Do-Do-Wap” in Solidarity With All Prisoners in China

I dedicate this song first of all to everyone in Tibet – INCLUDING all  Han Chinese who are suffering in Tibet – at this time while an Iron Curtain imprisonment is descending upon Tibet, imprisoning many nationalities there, including Tibetans AND Han Chinese.

And I dedicate it also, to ALL  prisoners (but especially political prisoners – but who is to say what’s political?) of ALL nationalities, in the People’s Republic of China.  You can see, in this clip from the movie “Short Eyes” (based on a play by  the Hispanic-American former  prisoner Miguel Pinero), all, ALL races are victims of the bullshit, and so, this song belongs to ALL prisoners, of ALL races, in EVERY country.

Here is Curtis Mayfield’s song, “Do-Do-Wap is Strong in Here” (in Prison), dedicated first of all to everyone (of all nationalities) in Tibet right now, and then to all prisoners everywhere.

(Edited to add:  Many, or most, if not 100 percent, of the men who performed in this movie clip, were men who had done some time in American prisons.  Their performances here, are all too real.   I am posting this on Holy Thursday, the night when Jesus Christ was arrested and convicted as a “criminal”……………………………….)


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