Update: Lenovo’s Olympic Torch Rapes Tibet

As I explained in yesterday’s blog post:

…the region around Mount Everest has been one of the few avenues of relatively unguarded (even if difficult) permeability between Tibet and the free world.  With the closing of the area around Mount Everest, now Tibet is in the process of becoming almost totally isolated from the outside world, somewhat analogously to East Berlin during the Cold War.  But there will be nothing analogous to the “Berlin Airlift” for the now even more thoroughly imprisoned people of Tibet.  Is it any wonder, then, that the Tibetans have chosen THIS moment to attempt one final outcry to the outside world, before their own “Iron Curtain” descends around them?

Now just one day later, the “Iron Curtain” is descending even faster.  All because of that accursed Torch and the blinkered – no, not just blinkered, but SPIRITUALLY RAPINE – decision to “mount” Tibet and Everest with it.

The more one looks at the design of Lenovo’s Chinese Olympic Torch whose planned passage through Tibet and upon Everest has been the proximate cause of China closing the Nepal border, locking down the entire province and thus provoking the desperate last-ditch protests we’ve been seeing – “last ditch” protests because the Tibetans correctly perceive an “Iron Curtain” descending around themselves at this very moment – the more its phallic symbolism becomes nauseatingly obvious.    Tibet is metaphorically being buggered up the bunghole by that bloody torch and all that it symbolises, and all the consequences of its unwanted, rapine penetration through Tibet.

 I hold the people who planned the torch’s penetration –  its metaphorical rape – through unwilling, prostrate Tibet, in the same contempt as the prison guard in this scene from Miguel Pinero’s “Short Eyes” holds the convicted child rapist:

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