Public Relations, Infanticide, and Olympic Opium

Goya's Saturn devouring his son

Here is Goya’s painting of Saturn devouring his own son.

How well regulated is China’s embryonic stem-cell industry?    How transparent is it to the rest of the world, to ensure that the fetuses – or unborn children – who are victims of forced abortions (some would call it infanticide) or otherwise deliberately “harvested” fetuses are not involved?  What roles , if any, do Western public relations agents and their clients play in spinning the necessary propaganda to maintain business as usual (a “harmonious society”) during this Olympic year, regardless of whether there is any reliable transparency regarding the sources of Chinese stem cells?

Watch this space in coming weeks.

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3 Responses to Public Relations, Infanticide, and Olympic Opium

  1. Bigus Duckus says:

    It is reprehensible for you to imply that the Beijing Olympics is a vehicle for propaganda for the “Culture of Death.” The Beijing Olympics is about puppies and ice cream and Dorothy saying “there’s no place like home”, and other Thanatos death-in-life fantasies which circulate in various subcultures of moral and biological perversions.

  2. There is a Discover magazine story in one of the 2002 editions about Chinese classifieds in rural newspapers advertising mothers to sell their eggs to a renown female Chinese biologist.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    Nanhe, are you aware that harvesting eggs is among the least barbaric of the ghoulish Chinese practices that we’re going to be talking about soon?

    No wonder China needs so many American “public relations” agents, especially this year. Think of all those body parts – and bodies – that need to be swept under the rug. And the profits therefrom ain’t just going into Chinese pockets – no way, baby.

    Yep, all those Human bodies being swept under the rug, while the American front-men say, “move on folks, nothing to see here but progress.” But those dead bodies begin to stink after a while.

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