Beware of the Blog-stabbers

Our friend Tom – Daai Tou Laam made an incisive observation on a recent thread, about “mighty-morphin’ trolls”:


Having spent many many many too many hours in the comments at The Eschaton, you get used to the mighty morphin’ trolls.


They change proxies to get past IP bans. They change usernames frequently to get past the social shunning that comes as their cover as a troll is blown.


And my thinking about Roland is that he was brought on board for the PR firm to keep an eye on the press and blogosphere and to guide opinion in the blogosphere. Many too lazy to find other translations or use the Google Language tools or too lazy to bother checking his translations for accuracy or completeness are easily led by the nose by Roland.


His observation does make one wonder what kind of back-door conversations are going on among China-Blogosphericals.    I’m reminded of this song:


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5 Responses to Beware of the Blog-stabbers

  1. I really don’t care one whit what they say in private amongst each other.

    I do find it amusing that Richard would write this after lifting the ban on nanhe:
    :::Nanhe, if you keep attacking my site from other sites, I’ll extend the longer ban to you, too. You’re both smart and you both have things to say and you can both be incredibly obnoxious. Just control your impulses to hurt others and there shouldn’t be a problem. Okay?:::

    LMAO. Criticising his blog policies = attacking his site. And attacking his site = hurting others. BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    Yes that bit about “hurting others” sounds just like the Central Propaganda Departments’ inculcation of the mainlanders’ habit of complaining about “hurting the feelings” of the (collective, abstract, impersonal) nation of China.

    Nanhe has reacted thus:

    “1. If Richard wants to spend his time scanning the internet for bad bad me, you, Catherine or anyone else saying unkind things about him or his site, that’s his time to waste.

    2. My site is an open forum. Period.
    Look at all of the garbage ferin puts out.”

  3. In the Tibet thread that Jeremiah posted at the Duck, ferin’s comment was deleted. And to paraphrase Richard’s reason, “I told you to stop calling other people names, stupid!” *face -> palm*

    The other fun item was CCT bemoaning another blog deleting pro-china comments on their Tibet thread. *face -> palm*

  4. Ned Kelly says:

    Tom, this line by Jeremiah in that Tibet thread exemplifies the hyper-inflation of American university degrees – assuming that Jeremiah does in fact have a PhD:

    “The image China has attempted to show the world is flawed and there’s no way they can hide its deep structural defects.”

    What the f—? China’s image is “flawed”? That kind of disgracefully dishonest understatement isn’t “objective” or “fair and balanced”; it’s verbal feces. And did Jeremiah stop learning basic English composition after age thirteen, for Christ’s sake? That sentence would be hack journalism even for a junior-high-school newspaper.

  5. C.A. Yeung says:

    Jeremiah claims to be some kind of doctoral candidate. If one of my students writes the way he does, I’ll send him back to the language support centre to get some help.

    Tom, did you read how CCT accused flickrs of censoring photo images. Fancy coming out of the mouth of a CCP shill. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

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