Sexual Harassment Panda Teaches Nanheyangrouchuan

Our friend Nanheyangrouchuan has been banned from another blog, apparently in part because of his recurrent use of the phrase, “Panda-Licker”.   Apparently his critics consider the phrase to be sexually offensive.

After having done further legal research into the matter, I have decided to subject Nanhe to a Maoist-style “struggle meeting” involving having his thoughts corrected by “Sexual Harassment Panda.”

Nanhe, CORRECT YOUR THOUGHTS!  And this medicine from Sexual Harassment Panda is for your own good!

Now open wide:

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3 Responses to Sexual Harassment Panda Teaches Nanheyangrouchuan

  1. Is Richard suggesting that “panda licking” is something that references cunnilingus? And even if that were so, how does oral sex constitute a bad thing?

  2. Ned Kelly says:

    I don’t believe the first thought on Richard’s mind would be cunnilingus.

  3. Ned Kelly says:

    There is a new development in this story, cross-referenced in the comments at Nanheyangrouchuan’s own blog:

    “Ned Kelly said…


    I see that the Benevolent Son of Heaven has revoked his recent ban of you:

    “Nanhe, if you keep attacking my site from other sites, I’ll extend the longer ban to you, too. You’re both smart and you both have things to say and you can both be incredibly obnoxious. Just control your impulses to hurt others and there shouldn’t be a problem. Okay?
    Posted by: richard at March 11, 2008 09:08 AM”

    Now, some of us have some questions about your willingness to cooperate with this “One-China-Blogosphere” policy:

    1. Are you allowed to say ANYTHING critical of Richard’s site AT ALL outside his site?

    2. Is anyone else allowed to do so on any other site, including yours?

    3. Does Richard mean that he has changed his mind about the phrase “Panda-Licker” for which you were banned? Has “Panda-Licker” now become acceptable?

    4. Have you signed an apology and a statement promising to cooperate with the One-China-Blogosphere policy, and to refrain from discussing any internal matters of the China-Blogosphere with “foreigners” (ie, those of whom Richard does not approve) anywhere outside of officially approved media?
    11/3/08 1:03 PM”

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