Introducing Ned’s Therapist, Nurse Ratched

Pursuant to a protocol between the American state of Autobarbaropolis (recently seceded from California) and the Australian state of Inebriation, Ned Kelly – who was recently convicted of provoking a Californian entertainment-industry-professional to feel uncomfortable (a felony in the new jurisdiction, under the Oprah Act) – has been permitted to serve his term of probation in his own State of Inebriation, provided that he submits to therapy.   

His new therapist, Nurse Ratched, will terminate his therapy and his probation immediately upon his violation of any of the following rules: 

 1.    No smoking anything other than marijuana.  In old England, tobacco used to be called the “incense of Mars” (the male planet), which violates the canons of mysandry.  Therefore cartoons like this Flintstone clip will be banned. 

 2.    Representations of women as sexually desirable in any NON-degrading way will be banned, including this cartoon.

 3.    However, representations of women as gangstas and ho’s will remain permissible, provided that they are non-white, in the interests of “multiculturalism” and feminist liberation.    (Serious warning:   this clip contains TRULY offensive, obscene language and content.    And that’s my whole point:   this kind of crap is what passes for “multiculturalism” in today’s American “entertainment” industry, while relatively innocuous jokes about homosexuals or “racial insensitivity” are banned.     Yet take a look at THIS clip and ask yourself, “what could possibly be MORE offensive to women and Blacks than THIS?”    This is an example of the sewage into which California’s “entertainment” industry has sunk, and their rotten pretensions to be “sensitive” to “racial, cultural and sexual issues” is beneath contempt.)

 4.    There is no such thing as an angry mysandrous fat broad.    This cartoon is unacceptable because it doesn’t bear the slightest resemblance to any woman on earth.    The insensitive snake rightly deserves the bashing he’s about to receive.

 5.    Parrots are not permitted to ask questions about sexual orientation, especially not if they’re riotously funny.

 6.    Nurse Ratched only has everyone’s best interests at heart.    She only wants to help. 

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