"Foreigners are Forbidden to Pass Without Permission"

Foreigners banned

Reporters from the China Information Centre at observechina.net spotted an interesting new sign in Beijing.  Is this another one of those “innovations” for the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics?  A big congratulations to the “Beijing Municipal People’s Government”, the host of next year’s Games!!??

China Aid carries a summary of the report:

The China Information Centre his learned of a sign posted on Badachu Road in Beijing’s Shijingshan District barring access to foreigners in the name of the “Beijing Municipal People’s Government.” The area is close to a military district, but Badachu Road is an entirely public thoroughfare that leads to shops, supermarkets and green markets, and there seems to be no rational explanation for specifically preventing foreigners from going there. Rather, it seems more of a violation of promises made in relation to the 2008 Olympics.

According to the original Chinese report at the China Information Centre, the road sign was erected after the November Party Congress.  The last time when road signs like this one appeared in Beijing, China was going through the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution.

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