Christmas In Hell

The distinction of being the first entity – either personal or corporate – to be posted on Ned Kelly’s Wall of Shame, belongs to: ALL MANUFACTURERS OF CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS IN CHINA, and especially to the opportunistic Western scum (including but not limited to Wal Mart) who profit from the Chinese way of turning Christmas into a ridiculous piece of fungible plastic.

When I was a lad growing up in a small town, Christmas really meant something, something more than, and other than, waitresses at Chinese Pizza Huts wearing red hats while torturous Muzak plays on and on, “It’s baby’s first Christmas, a Christmas full of love”, or even worse, the melody of the grave, solemn, Saturnian old English Christmas carol “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” rewritten as a Mando-Rap song recorded in Chinglish by a vapid Communist Party Princess who thinks it has something to do with “economic development”.

No. No. Sorry, but I want to say to any and all CCP members who might be reading this: CHRISTMAS IS NOT ABOUT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT! Jesus was born very poor. He was born in a barn. And he was killed because he said things the government did not want to hear. Christmas is a day to celebrate everything that the Chinese Communist Party hates and fears.

Well it’s horrible enough to witness legions of atheist Chinese pretending to celebrate Christmas, a holiday whose meaning they all hate and are trying very hard to obliterate from Planet Earth. I wish they would just stop, stop pretending to celebrate Christmas while they’re enemies of Christianity, while they continue to arrest and to torture all Christians who do not submit their consciences to total control of the Communist Party. Any Chinese Communist Party member who pretends to celebrate Christmas, is insulting all Christians all over the world.

But as if that weren’t objectionable enough, they add insult to injury by manufacturing the ugliest, most idiotic f—ing “Christmas” decorations the world has ever seen in the past 2000 years.

In my house in Australia, this Christmas I have only one Christmas decoration. It’s an old glass Christmas ball which I inherited from my grandmother, whose family brought it over from Ireland over 100 years ago. As I am an Australian, it’s hard for me to find a natural Christmas tree – because such trees don’t grow very well down under – and I refuse to buy any fake, plastic “Christmas Tree” because they’re all made in China and the profits would go into the pockets of CCP gangsters who steal from the workers who make those artificial trees. That is why I am just hanging my antique Christmas ornament, the one my Grandmother’s parents brought over here from Ireland, I am just going to hang it on a branch of Eucalyptus tree (ANOTHER kind of “evergreen” tree, an AUSTRALIAN kind of Christmas tree!), to celebrate Christmas in a truly Christian and truly Australian way. Because if I bought any of those ugly “Christmas” decorations made in China, then I would just be giving more power to the CCP who are persecuting Christians throughout China – not to mention that the Christmas decorations they manufacture are just so bloody ugly.

So, on this Christmas, Ned Kelly asks all of our friends – all of our readers of Catherine’s “Jacaranda Tree” blog–to BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS MADE IN CHINA!

No one needs those poorly made, ugly things, those FAKE “Christmas” decorations made in China and sold at Wal Mart and other such commercial houses of prostitution and destruction of the economies of the West. We don’t need “a lot” of Christmas decorations, and we certainly don’t need any made in atheist China where Christians are persecuted! All any of us need, to have a Merry Christmas, is just a few very special symbols of our own – things which can never be, and will never be, manufactured in ANTI-Christian China!

When I was a lad, I loved a song which was sung by the American, Nat King Cole. My mother would always play a record by Nat King Cole (a Black American, and a devout Christian), made around 1960, and my favourite song was:

“Have yourself a merry little Christmas”

That song tells a story about what it’s like to have very little in material ways at Christmas, but to enjoy Christmas in a spiritual way regardless of how many material ”goodies” you might have. I want to share that beautiful song with all of my friend Catherine’s readers – I am sharing it will all of you who are “Under the Jacaranda Tree” with us on this Christmas – and I want to ask you to think about this song very seriously, think about what it means, and then don’t buy any more Christmas decorations made in China where your money will only help the CCP to HURT CHRISTIANS! We don’t need many material things to have a Merry Christmas. Happiness is not about “economic development” – no, happiness is about loving beauty, and remembering the good things of the past, and PRESERVING our lands and our gardens and our traditions, all of the things that the Chinese Communist Party is against.

Please enjoy this song, and think about what it means. Think about what it means, about “value” and about “prosperity”, and especially about Hope, which is the meaning of Christmas – and then please think about how THIS song’s concept of “Happiness and Hope” is totally different from the Chinese Communist Party’s FALSE promises!

And from Ned Kelly to all of you, have yourself a merry LITTLE Christmas, because ”small is beautiful!” And now here is that beautiful song:

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One Response to Christmas In Hell

  1. Rod Plapp says:

    The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole Is definitly my favorite song of the season.We live in a colder clime here in Oregon where all I have to do is walk outside and see Douglas Fir and Noble Fir trees I planted.The Christmas tree tradition can be traced back to Germany to England about 160 years ago and has been popular ever since.We were in Australia in late November and saw many beautiful trees adorned in Sydney.The commercialization is just as rampant here as we saw there.By the way Nat left his wife for a beautiful redhead in his touring entourage not too long before he died of lung cancer.He may not have the perfect person but he made great music that still endures to this day.

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