About Under the Jacaranda Tree


Under the Jacaranda Tree is a public forum with a personal aspiration:  to fulfil a longstanding wish, shared by several friends, to provide a cyberspace venue for some overdue open and honest discussions about the internal conditions of the People’s Republic of China and their effects upon the international community and the Earth.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”

I was persuaded of the extraordinary capacities of the Socratic method of mutual instruction while sitting “under the jacaranda tree” in Sydney, Australia.    It was over 15 years ago, but still I recall fondly those myriad debates on propositions as impossibly inflated as the “meaning of life” or as trivial as the price of a bit of baklava.     This forum is intended as a revisitation of that agreeable old venue, Under the Jacaranda Tree, a place of freedom from intellectual fear such as reigns through the Communist Party’s Central Propaganda Department in the People’s Republic of China.

Topics of especial interest will include:

  • Suppression of religion in the People’s Republic of China

  • Media censorship under the Chinese Communist Party

  • China’s environmental challenges

  • China and regional security

English is our lingua franca.  However, as my native language is Chinese, I also welcome contributions from those who write in the Chinese language.  I will try my best to provide at least an English abstract for all Chinese articles published here.


Catherine A

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  1. Ned Kelly says:

    Hello, Catherine! And greetings to all from Catherine’s friend and fellow Aussie, Ned Kelly. I’ll be contributing quite a few of my own articles here.

    And here is a picture of me (I’m the one in armour):

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